SWISS mediscan Rapid Tests distribute only the very best in OTC and FDA certified products . All our Manufacturing partners are ISO certified , and hold CE certification along with MOODY and TUV certification.

We offer both wholesale prices to clinics and distributors all over the world and an exclusive confidential online shop for private users. All SWISSmediscan Rapid Test products are easily used and come complete with instructions.

Our focus at SWISSmediscan Rapid Test is delivering high quality rapid test products.
SWISSmediscan Rapid Test products are designed to meet our customer special needs.
Our multiple drug tests are designed for convenience, high accuracy, as well as affordability in point of collection (POC) drug testing.
All components are from ISO, TUV,MOODY and CE certified suppliers

IVD rapid tests can produce results within minutes.

In vitro diagnostic testing has the added advantage of allowing multiple different markers to be detected at once.

Our In vitro diagnostic kits have very simple readouts, such as an indicator that gives a “yes or no” answer. This makes it easier to process and record the information.

In vitro diagnostics can be done, and then quickly redone to confirm the result. This is a tremendous advantage compared to diagnostic tests that require hours or days of turn-around time

POC tests are laboratory-quality, low complexity-type medical device for the rapid screening of specific conditions.

POC tests includes blood glucose testing,blood gas and electrolytes, Rapid coagulation testing, Rapid cardiac markers testing,
drugs of abuse screening, urine strips testing, pregnancy testing, fecal occult blood analysis, food pathogens screening,
hemoglobin diagnostics, infectious disease testing and cholesterol screening.

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